Kashmir – The Bloodiest Place on Earth

Kashmir a beautiful valley amidst the Great Himalayas. Kashmir also known as the Paradise on the Earth with a Great History. Kashmir’s killing fields dwarf that of Palestine and any other bloodied place.

Kashmir is an International Dispute between India and Pakistan since 1947. Kashmiris have been fighting for their Right to Self Determination since 1947 after a Controversial Accession to India by the Despotic Hindu Ruler of Kashmir.

Kashmiris don’t regard themselves as “Indians” and they have been fighting to determine their Future themselves which has been denied by India and Pakistan.

Kashmiris started demanding Independence/Self Determination in early 1990s with an Armed Rebellion, (which is believed to be funded by Pakistan). It was crushed by the Mighty Indian Forces with Brutal Massacres,Torture,Custodial Disappearances,Mass Rapes and much more brutal action. It is estimated that there are around 400 rebels in Kashmir and the Total Indian Forces here is often estimated to 700,000 (Separatists exaggerate the Figure to One Million) Kashmir is the Highest Military Zone, with a Civilian-Troop Ration of 5:1 (Higher than that of Iraq and Afghanistan) Since 1990 it is estimated that the Conflict has wiped an entire generation, Figures of those killed is as high as 100,000. In the early 1990s Pandits (Native Hindus) were forced to flee Kashmir out of fear which was facilitated by the State of India. About 300,000 Pandits fled the Valley, i.e 2.5% of Kashmir Valley. But Sikhs have stayed here amidst all bloodshed.

In 2008, Kashmiris transitioned there movement to Peaceful Protests. But still it was crushed with brute force by Indian Forces. More than 65 were Killed. In 2010, Kashmiris came on the streets for months together. Indian Forces again used brute force using tear-gas canisters,live ammunition and pellet guns.For days Kashmiris were left starving with declared and undeclared curfews and with threats of Shoot at sight orders. More than 114 Kashmiris were killed. From seven year old boy Sameer (who was crushed with Jackboots to death) to 22 Year old Girl Fancy Jan. Most of the slain were teenagers.

The Objective of the Blog is to make the world aware of Kashmir’s rivers of blood. And to Crush the State Censor and Propaganda on Kashmir. We Hope You Spread the Word and Help in the Cause of Kashmir who want the end of Military Occupation, Healing to their deep wounds and an acceptable and dignified Solution to end the conflict which has eaten up entire generation and left scars on the new.

“The lie was dead, And damned, and truth stood up instead.”

© El Shaheed


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4 Responses to Kashmir – The Bloodiest Place on Earth

  1. rsingh1200 says:

    Why did n’t the Kashmiris ask for independence till late 80s ?
    Indian forces commit masscare in Kashmir and who fled their homes, it is the half million Kashmiri Pandits. Why didn’t Kashmiri Muslim leave and run away.
    Exodus of this kind can happen in India. There is no doubt about that atrocities being committed by Indian armed forces in Kashmir, but they are soldiers if u slap and abuse a soldier without any reason then u would get a bullet, soldiers are trained this way only.
    I am quite sure you are aware as what is Happening in Baluchistan, If India were to leave Kashmir they would convert Kashmir into Afghanistan. Moreover there is no question of India giving up Kashmir, who ever doesn’t like Kashmir can go back to arab land from where forefather came. Camel land is the only place fit for you barbarians.

  2. Azhar Najar says:

    I feel sorry for Rsingh. you don’t know the history of Kashmir. and no soldiers has a right to kill innocent people. that is what Indian so called soldiers were doing in Kashmir they killed 100000 kashmries and to your question why Kashmiri Pandits only leave Kashmir the answer is because they did not scarifies for Kashmir and tell me how many Kashmiri Pandits died in Kashmir by so called soldiers.

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