2010 Martyrs: Wamiq Farooq

Finally the nameless body lying in Police Control Room here got its name. The victim turned out to be 14-year old Wamiq Farooq Wani of Rainawari. And with his death one more Kashmiri family lost its beloved.

Witnesses said, moments before being hit by a tear-smoke shell, Wamiq was playing cricket. As fate would have it, he remained nameless for seven hours in the mortuary of the Police Control Room here. After identification, his family had to bear an unbearable pain of wailing around his body for nearly 10 hours.

As the word about Wamiq’s death spread, hundreds of people from Rainawari and adjoining areas assembled at his modest house in congested Channa Mohalla. With the first strike of the light his family members and others started making preparations for his last journey.

Jostling through narrow lanes of Rainawari, emotionally charged youth raising pro-freedom and anti-police slogans carried Wamiq’s body. Men, women and children bid a tearful adieu to him.

As his body was taken for burial to the Martyrs Graveyard at Iddgah, women made a beeline at his house. Beating her chest, Wamiq’s aged maternal grandmother, Haja, was moving from one room to another. ‘Where are you my beloved son. I can’t believe you are dead,” she went around screaming.

She passionately kissed the spot where Wamiq’s body was kept during night.

“Wamiq had phoned me yesterday morning asking to keep his favourite dish – cheese – ready. He also inquired about my health. His killing has shattered our entire family,” she said bursting into tears.
In the dimly lit adjacent room, Wamiq’s mother Firdousa was inconsolable. “Oh! my son, killer cops snatched you from me. I wish I could have died instead of you. You were yet to see the world…groom,” she yelled.

After failing to console Firdousa, Wamiq’s aunt, Parveena could not control her emotions and she rushed out of the room. “I saw Wamiq last when he left to play cricket around 3 pm yesterday. He was carrying a bat and ball and he went towards a local ground. That is why he had kept his identity card at home. Little did I know that that I won’t see him again,” she said.

She said Wamiq used to return home after offering Isha prayers. However, as he did not return till 10 pm, the family searched for him. “We rushed to Nowhatta police station, but the policemen denied having any information about him. However, they said a body of a boy with Wamiq’s description was kept in Police Control Room. News of his death came as a rude shock to us,” he said.
Wamiq’s friends said while playing cricket, the ball was struck on a tree. “Some boys invited him to play for their team at Gani Memorial Stadium in Rajouri Kadal. I was shaken on seeing his body today,” visibly shocked, Owais Ahmad, a local boy said.

Wamiq, a student of 7th standard of Caset School in Rainawari was remembered by his friends as industrious and affable. “Since first standard, he was a merit holder. Playing cricket was his passion. The accused policemen should be awarded stringent punishment,” said his close friend, Waseem Farooq who led his Nimaz-e-Jinaza at Iddgah.

“It was dream of Wamiq’s father, Farooq Ahmad, to give him and three other sons a secure future. He used to support their education by selling second-hand goods at Lal Chowk. With Wamiq’s death his dreams have been shattered,” Farooq added.

Courtesy of Greater Kashmir


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