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The Forgotten Genocide

It is one of the least known genocides in modern history. Carried out with such precision, it is difficult to find its traces except in the memories of the survivors, and the tales of horror they passed on to their … Continue reading

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Kashmir’s First Blood

32 bullets, he took ’em all, to shield others from unrelenting guns By Baba Umar It was the morning of January 21, 1990. The sun came up without much sparkle but it shone on young Rauf’s face for the last … Continue reading

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Auschwitz in the old city by Sameer Bhat

Yeh kiska lahu, kaun maraai rahabar mulko kaum bata ~Whose blood is this, who died?Oh leader of my nation, speak up[My translation of Sahir Ludyanvi’s verse lines] Word was out, like a lion that hadn’t eaten for days. Early Monday … Continue reading

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Sopore Massacre 1993:"The memories of this incident will haunt me till I am alive"

“PERHAPS THERE IS A SPECIAL CORNER IN HELL Reserved for soldiers who fire their weapons indiscriminately into a crowd of unarmed civilians. That, at least, must have been the hope of every resident who defied an army-enforced curfew in the … Continue reading

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